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Why Fleetwood? Why now?

Why Fleetwood?

As a family we used to come to Fleetwood as children. I can remember the excitement of getting onto the M55 and trying to be the first to see Blackpool Tower before turning up towards Fleetwood. Fleetwood felt like a magical place with its hot sandy beach, ice creams and watching the ferries coming and going.

Sadly, Fleetwood has suffered economic decline since the ferry terminal closed and fishing fleets across the UK continue to struggle. Fleetwood needs new businesses and revenue coming into the town to help return the port and town to their booming heyday. A new sea school delivering world-renowed RYA courses seems ideal.

Why now?

Over the past few years I've been working my way through the RYA Powerboating and yachting schemes, and achieved their highest award, the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean in December 2022. I'm passionate about boating and yachting, and have been powerboat instructing across the UK. I now have the opportunity to pass that passion on to others while helping my favourite childhood town of Fleetwood.

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