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Getting your International Certificate of Competency (ICC) so you can charter a boat on holiday

The Mediterranean and Caribbean are amazing places to go on holiday - beautiful islands blessed with sandy beaches, clear blues seas and seemingly endless sunshine.

But why restrict yourself to the land?  Being able to charter a boat will let you travel between the islands, explore beautiful coves and inlets, and even anchor overnight in these beautiful havens. 

However, an increasing number of countries now require charterers to demonstrate their competence before chartering boats, especially powerboats with high-powered outboard engines. This competence can be demonstrated by holding an International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

So how do you go about getting an ICC?

It's easy! If you hold an RYA Powerboat Level 2 Certificate you can apply for an ICC through the Royal Yachting Association: If you're already a member of the RYA the ICC is free. If not, you might as well join for a year as a years membership is exactly the same price as an ICC! This PBL2/ICC will enable you to charter a powerboat/motorboat up to 10 metres, and with unlimited horsepower.

All the information you'll need to submit as part of the ICC application can be found here:

If you don't have your Powerboat Level 2 already why not book your place with us today:

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