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Fleetwood Sea School is proud to be able to offer yacht and small craft surveying for leisure vessels.

Our Principal is a qualified Classification and Flag State Surveyor with years of experience in the maritime industry.

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Surveying Costs:

No VAT is payable on surveying costs.

Travel cost within Lancashire, Cumbria and Merseyside included. Thereafter, 45p per mile.

Expenses, such as distance travel and flight tickets etc. will be charged by mutual agreement prior to the survey being carried out.

A full condition survey includes a valuation of the vessel at prevailing market conditions, and takes into account the condition of the vessel.

Pre-purchase / Full condition survey

£15  per foot LOA

Insurance Renewal Condition Survey

£14 per foot LOA

Hull Condition Survey / Engine and Running Gear Survey

£10 per foot LOA

Valuation Report

£10 per foot LOA

Damage Inspection

£12 per foot LOA

Sea Trial and Report

£12 per foot LOA

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